Copper Stone Plac Towel Rack 24" Rose Gold (PVD) - PR008


Brand: Copper Stone


Easy Installation
Eco Friendly

color finshes: Rose gold,
Accessories-Material: High-Quality Pure Brass,
color finshes: Rose gold,
Accessories: Material,


Brand Name: Copper Stone.

Product Type: Accessories

Model Code: PR008

Model Name:  Towel Rack.

Material:- High-Quality Pure Brass

Color Finishes: Rose gold.

Usage Areas: Bathroom.

Design: Felix.


The Copper Stone family has established new, ground-breaking business outlooks leading to quickly develop into one of the most modern and vertically combined production company in its product category bathroom fittings across the country with a brand that has become cooperative with better design.

Copper Stone's "Made in India" bathroom products and accessories are produced incompatibility with the utmost respect for the environment and the user,

Style: Luxurious Stylish Look Rust Free, Long-lasting, and Super-Finish

NOTES: Easy To Clean And Install. Please Don't Use Hard Chemicals To Clean.

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